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Training The Leaders of Tomorrow Today

Sunrise Leadership Program

We are on the cusp of transforming American politics forever. 

For years they said our generation is lazy and naive, that we ask for too much. They said the Green New Deal, defunding the police, ending evictions, and Medicare for All will never happen. But while they were asleep at the wheel, our generation has been wide awake, building massive movements that will make this vision a reality.

Building a movement together is the only way to transform our country: talking to our friends, neighbors, family and classmates, asking them to get out in the streets with us, making sure they’re registered to vote and above all, inviting them to join a movement of young people fighting for a better world.

This year, Sunrise is launching the Wide Awake Leadership Program to give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a leader in this movement. As a part of the Wide Awake program, you’ll get training, 1-1 coaching and key resources that will give you the skills you need to organize wherever you live. We have dedicated programs for High School students, HBCU students, college students, the Latinx community and a program for any young person who wants to organize in their neighborhood or town. You’ll be joined by thousands of other young people who know what’s at stake, and are ready to fight for a better world.

Sign Up For A Leadership Program

Everyone has a role to play in our movement. Our generation can change America forever, but it’s going to take all of us. Are you in? Select your program. (Our HBCU and High School Programs are closed for now)